Preparations for the wedding celebration


Preparations for the wedding celebration

Wedding planning - from gathering ideas at wedding fairs to fitting wedding dresses and enjoying pre-wedding events - is fun and exciting, but each bride will tell you that it can also be stressful. But if you use complete wedding checklist , you can calmly and dimensionally go through all the stages of preparation.

Checklist: 2 weeks before the wedding

Only two weeks before the wedding! Time is running out. If you are going to honeymoon immediately after the wedding, you should think about what you want to take with you and include this in the printable wedding checklist timeline.

  1. Consult photographer, video cameraman, pastry chef, hairdresser, florist, musicians, presenter, etc.

  2. Your wedding script should be ready.

  3. Review the seating order: are former partners sitting together? Do single people sit among couples? Everyone should be comfortable at the wedding.

  4. Arrange a meeting at the groom's hairdresser.

  5. Going on a wedding trip? Start packing.

  6. Arrange a manicure before the wedding.

Checklist: 1 week before the wedding

In the last week before the wedding, 1,000 more small things have yet to be done. Try to distribute tasks among girlfriends and friends and to relax as much as possible. After all, you don't want to be completely tired on your wedding day!

  • Determine the final number of guests.

  • Create a gift list booklet so you can express your personal gratitude

  • Make an appointment for manicure and possibly also pedicure.

  • Massage, wellness treatments for relaxation.

  • Think about the route of the wedding walk, how much will be.

If you are planning a buffet after a cerimony or temple, do not forget about champagne and dessert, it will be useful for you during a wedding walk as well.

Checklist: 1 day before wedding

The day before the event, you had to work out destination wedding checklist. It is better to use the day to indulge yourself and relax while waiting. Prepare everything for the big day in the evening.

  1. Try on wedding clothes.

  2. Discuss the daily routine and the wedding script together.

  3. Prepare a bag with spare tights, powder, trifles and handkerchiefs.

  4. Prepare rings and documents.

  5. Go to bed early.

Wedding Day Checklist

Finally! Wedding day! Take a deep breath and relax. Little things do not go as they should with each wedding, but they are well planned. Don't let the little things ruin your day and look at the little problems with humor.

Burning tasks from wedding checklist:

  1. Take the bride's flowers.

  2. Photo and video shooting in the morning? Be prepared for it.

  3. Dress up wedding cars.

  4. Are the rings really in place?

  5. Do not forget about champagne and dessert if you have a walk of newlyweds.

  6. At the wedding feast, trust those responsible and break away!

Checklist after wedding

Done! You are husband and wife, the wedding is over, but you are still waiting for a little work. For you to think about everything, there is also a free wedding checklist of all things to do after the wedding:

  • Pay bills.

  • Report the change of last name, if necessary.

  • Send thanks - perhaps with wedding photos.

Finally, it is important: you do not need to do everything yourself. Talk to the groom, the parents, the siblings and the grooms who can do something about the organization. So you save yourself a lot of time and nerves!